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  • Particle Board Screw
Product Serial:ST-02
Product Description

Sheu Teh is a professional screw manufacturer in Taiwan, and offers high quality, high precision, and competitive price for particle board screw in order to satisfaction customer's and market's needs.

Our particle board screw provides special thread geometry to give more holding for added pull-out resistance. In additional to, the particle board screw provides a corrosion resistance and wider load-bearing surface for easier installation into particle board or chipboard.

We provide different types of heads for screws, includes flat head particle board screw, nibs particle board screw, and etc.


  • Gauge: #6 ~ #12
  • Length: 1/2" ~ 4"
  • Head Type: flat head, with or without nibs.
  • Recess: phillips drive, pozi drive, square drive
  • Material: steel C1022
  • Hardened
  • Surface: blue zinc, yellow zinc, nickel plated, bronze plated.

If you have interested in our particle board screw, please don't hesitate to contact us.