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  • Chipboard Screw
Product Serial:ST-01
Product Description

Sheu Teh is a professional chipboard screw exporter and supplier, and also offer OEM service for clients. We offer a series of chipboard screw, such as countersunk chipboard screw, raised chipboard screw.

Our main products are chipboard screws which are used in hard wood. In order to reduce resistance when screwing, we import wax from Germany to lubricate screws in our factory in order to control the quality.

Our chipboard screws are high torque and bending angle at least 20 degrees.
We got CE mark certificate in the year 2011. 

  • Gauge: M 2.5 ~ M 6.0
  • Length: 12 mm ~ 240 mm
  • Head Type: reinforced countersunk head, raised head (oval head), pan head
  • Recess: pozi drive, torx drive
  • Surface: self color, blue zinc, yellow zinc

If you have more questions about our chipboard screw, please don't hesitate to contact us.